30/04/2009 MAN Ferrostaal increases its share participation in Solar Power Group

One of the main shareholders of the Solar Power Group, MAN Ferrostaal  AG, has increased its share in the company by about 20%. MAN Ferrostaal is recognized as one of the world leaders in the EPC field. The transaction is a clear signal about the big potential of the Fresnel Technology in the field of solar energy. A potential that is starting to be actively exploited in several projects around the world conducted by the Solar Power Group.

Of special interest to SPG and MAN Ferrostaal is the MENA region, that not just offers optimal climatic conditions but also is the home of IPIC (International Investment Petroleum Company), who has recently acquired 70% participation in MAN Ferrostaal. As reported by the Count Jacques de Lalaing, Managing Director of Solar Power Group:  “IPIC has a huge interest in innovative technologies that are relevant to the future, exactly like the one developed by the Solar Power Group”.

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