Solar Cooling and Heating

One of the most direct uses of high-temperature process steam is for central heating of larger buildings like hotels, shopping malls or airports, for instance. But the solar energy can also be used for climatization.

Our Fresnel plant can be combined with an absorbtion chiller for the purpose of process cooling. Absorption chilling is an alternative approach to conventional air conditioning and refrigeration. It replaces the electric power consumption of a mechanical compressor by using a heat source, hot water and evaporation for the cooling process. In case of solar cooling, the heat required for the cooling process comes from the sun itself. Compared to electricity driven compressor refrigeration, †often twice the amount of energy is consumed than during the winter. These seasonal peaks are typical for all countries with high levels of solar irradiation.

The option to use the sun for cooling is highly attractive. Coincidentally, places which have the highest demand for climatization are always excellent locations for solar power installations.

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