Electricity Generation

A primary function of our Fresnel plant is the sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly and economically efficient generation of electricity without causing CO2 emissions or other burdens to the environment. 

The functioning principle of electricity generation with our Fresnel collector is similar to most CSP technologies. Direct sunlight is caught by mirrors and concentrated on an absorber tube. The concentrated thermal energy heats a medium inside the absorber tube. In case of our Fresnel collector, the concentrated sunlight is used to produce superheated steam directly from water at a temperature of up to 450 °C and a pressure of 100 bar. At last, the process steam is fed into a regular power block where it drives a turbine for electricity generation.

With the capability of operating at such high temperatures and pressure, our Fresnel collector has the highest plant efficiency of all Fresnel collectors on the market today and is therefore capable of reliably delivering for commercial peak load demands.

As concentrating solar power technologies need vast amounts of direct sunlight, ideal locations for Fresnel powered electricity generation are places with high annual levels of solar irradiation, for example Southern Europe and Northern Africa as well as the U.S. Southwest and Australia.

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