Excellent CSP Potentials Worldwide 

The global market for concentrating solar power (CSP) has been constantly growing for years, and it is developing ever more dynamically in recent months. Even conservative energy outlooks and studies attest the great potentials of solar power for the short and midterm future. Especially Spain and the U.S. have lately created attractive frameworks for the continued growth of solar power. As a result, CSP capacities of several gigawatts are currently under construction.

Biggest Advantages of Concentrating
Solar Power

Perhaps the greatest advantages of CSP are reliability and fuel independence. Because any conventional type of energy generation relies on fossil feedstock, the energy costs are mostly determined by the current price for fuel. The solar resource by contrast is inexhaustible, available and free. As any mid and long-term development of fossil fuel prices is almost entirely unpredictable, other than that resources are dwindling and likely to become more expensive, fossil fuel based energy costs are also unpredictable. Concentrating solar power with Fresnel, on the other hand, is fully predictable and reliable. Energy prices can be calculated exactly for the entire life cycle of the plant and guaranteed down to the cent. This gives Fresnel and other CSP solutions a competitive edge over conventional power generation as well as over other renewable energies.

Fuel independence also means that costs for operation and maintenance of CSP plants are very low. Therefore it is the key concern of our Fresnel approach to bring down the costs of the initial investment and enable an early amortization.  

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