Research and Development Activities

Becoming ever more efficient, simpler and cheaper

The main principle of the Solar Power Group’s Fresnel plant is to lower investment costs ever further while increasing the efficiency of the plant at the same time. Both in combination results in an optimum cost-effectiveness and economical attractiveness of the technology.

SPG’s technology is the end product of ceaseless R&D activities that have taken place over the course of more than 10 years. Ever since the first Fresnel prototype was built in Liège, Belgium, in the '90s, the technological advancement of the plant design and performance has been a steady line of progression and sophistication.

Between the first prototype, which was intended to demonstrate the general feasibility of Fresnel solar power generation, and the FRESDEMO plant of 2006 in Spain, great engineering and research effort has been invested into bringing the performance and efficiency of the Fresnel plant to a point of commercial applicability. After FRESDEMO, improvement effort in R&D has led to the creation of a third generation collector.

With the technological and economic feasibility proven and attested, current R&D effort is focusing on mechanical improvements, the next generation of components, simplification of the installation and assembly, and advanced modularity. All of these aspects have decreased construction costs. Moreover, the reduction of material has had a significant influence on lowering the initial investment.