Providing affordable solutions for solar thermal energy generation

The guiding principles in the development of our Fresnel plant was to combine the best advantages of CSP at lower investment costs and to allow for the greatest flexibility in the range of application.

The idea of generating concentrated thermal energy from the abundant solar resource that is available to us is not new but was first implemented some thirty years ago. Commercial parabolic trough CSP plants have proven to be reliable in operation ever since.

Despite the full technological reliability of CSP in commercial use, an equally important concern continues to constitute a challenge. CSP plants still require a substantial initial investment. About 80 percent of all costs are spent on components and construction. Operating costs, on the other hand, are extremely low and the fuel in form of solar irradiation is inexhaustible and free.

Therefore we have focussed on bringing investment costs down, by developing a light-weighted and robust collector with an increased efficiency that is made up of standard components, easy to manufacture and simple in assembly. The plant design has been intentionally outlined to reduce expenses wherever possible.

Economic Advantages    |    Ecological Advantages

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