"Keep it simple, make it cheap."

Fossil fuels are expensive, expiring and ruinous to the environment. Over the last ten years, it has become abundantly clear that there will be no viable alternative to the use of renewable energies in the future. All renewable energies will have their place in the up and coming energy mix. But solar power has the greatest potential of them all.

The solar irradiation which reaches us every day suffices to supply for the ever growing worldwide energy demand many times over. We just have to use it. The best and most reliable technology to do so is concentrating solar power on a large scale.

Due to its reliability, fuel independence and sustainability, solar thermal power generation has become a key technology for the future global energy supply, offering an economically and environmentally sound alternative to conventional, fossil feedstock based power generation.

In order to allow for a smooth transition, Solar Power Group has developed a flexible, modular and low-cost solar boiler suited for a broad range of applications and designed for maximum efficiency. A simple straightforward design, standard and easy to manufacture components, and modular assembly on any scale from 5 MW to 200 MW allow us to bring investment costs down and combine in our Fresnel solar boiler the best properties of CSP at a new level of cost-effectiveness.