1998 The CSP pioneers Ven, Sureda and Count de Lalaing jointly found the company Solarmundo in Belgium to establish the new Fresnel CSP approach.
2001 Solarmundo builds the first Fresnel prototype at Liège, Belgium. The collector has a size of 2,400 square meters. It is the first Fresnel plant in the world.
2004 The new Solar Power Group (SPG) is founded to succeed Solarmundo and to further develop and commercialize the Fresnel technology.
2005 Solar Power Group forms a Marketing and Development Consortium Agreement with international general contractor Ferrostaal, Germany, in order to bring its technology to industrial application.
2006 SPG and the Libyan government sign a Memorandum of Understanding over the engineering and supply of 3,000 MW Fresnel CSP capacities.
2007 Construction and commencement of operation of the FRESDEMO pilot collector in the Plataforma Solar de Almería in Spain.
2008 Optimisation of the Almería collector, continued operation and technological documentation.
2010 Finalization of Third Generation Collector.
  Together with GdF SUEZ, Solar Power Group will erect a 5 MW solar boiler as add-on to a 150 MW coal fired power plant in Mejillones, Chile
2011 JFE Engineering and Solar Power Group sign a license agreement to commercialize SPG solar Boilers worldwide, mainly in Asia