OUR Technology Fresnel

The sun is our greatest energy resource. And we can use it for free.

The principle idea of our Fresnel solar boiler is harvesting the sun’s energy to directly produce steam, and indirectly electricity.

The linear Fresnel approach developed by SPG is a line-focusing system. The horizontal collector is very simple, highly modular and scalable from units of a few megawatts to large-scale power sizes of hundreds of MW.

As a conventional boiler, our's are divided into sections (pre-heating, evaporation or superheating). Each section is composed by Fresnel modules interconnected. Each module has a capacity of up to 1 MWth and a dimension of 21 x 100 metres. Due to the simplicity of the technology and the design, the full collector field can be scaled up to any size and capacity very economically.

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